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Helping Hands

Developing servants
of Christ’s kingdom
impact communities



During more than 40 years in leadership positions in the church, seminary, and business worlds, Andy Wileman saw firsthand the profound impact well-equipped leaders can make in their communities.  Now Andy is launching this ministry to encourage leaders both inside and outside the church to make an impact for Christ by serving others.  As Christ said, He did not come to be served, but to serve.


Areas of focus

INVESTING IN community

Throughout history, God has worked within cities and communities to build his Church to his glory. Kingdom Servants invests in local community leaders who will demonstrate the love of Christ.

Christ said that the world would know His disciples by the way we love one another. Kingdom Servants is committed to bringing Christians together from different walks of life to accomplish God's purposes in the Dallas community.


teaching the BIBLE

A lifetime of studying and teaching God's Word has enabled Andy to uniquely and succinctly apply Truth to today's challenges in our culture and communities. 

His experience has given him the ability to approach difficult topics with both humor and wisdom in a way that people hear and receive truth.

Listen to sermons



It's just not that complicated.  Christ's followers are commanded to help other people, particularly those in need.


If you need help figuring out where you can pitch in and use your unique talents and gifts to make a difference, Andy and the team at Kingdom Servants can give you a list of places.

Andy has long been a champion of individuals and organizations making an impact in their communities in Dallas, and he and the team would love to connect you.


engaging the community

After 45 years in the Dallas community serving in academics, business, the church, and non-profit world, Andy has made friends and worked with individuals from many different backgrounds.  


As a result of his experience, Andy loves to bring people together who wouldn't normally cross paths in order to spread the Gospel and accomplish good things in the Dallas community.

helping organizations

Leading an organization is a challenge. 

Even an organization that is focused on serving others, in a community, and not focused on producing a profit.  Maybe it's even more challenging.

Want some insight on how to avoid the common pitfalls?  Or perhaps you have an organization that needs qualified board members. 

Andy would love to share his experiences or put you in touch with the right leader for your organization.

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